DFW Probate Team will meet with the family to understand the situation, assess the families desires a goals regarding the estate and customize a step-by-step plan to address the deceased loved one’s final wishes.

If available we will evaluate any Will or Estate documents to determine the legal validity and if beneficiaries, heirs and administrator are clearly defined. We will also assess if the Will addresses disposition of all estate assets.

If probate is required, the DFW probate team will provide expert legal representation to petition the court for proceedings and guide the family thru the legal processes.

A personal representative identified in the Will is recognized or assigned by the court. A petition for administration is signed and submitted for court approval.

It is common in the probate process that a bond of insurance must be posted to mitigate the risk the personal representative does not fulfill his duties. The DFW Probate Team can often petition the court to eliminate this requirement saving the family money while ensuring that any risk is managed or avoided.

The court delivers Letters of Testamentary to the personal representative empowers them executor judiciary authority needed to formally act on behalf of the decedent. It gives the right to handle financial and other affairs related to liquidating and distributing the estate to Creditors, heirs and beneficiaries.

All estate assets are identified and put in control of the representative. All assets are inventoried and officially appraised to determine their market value. A declaration of all assets and their value must be provided to the court.

All creditors and estate liabilities are identified and paid. When necessary, estate assets must be liquidated in order to resolve outstanding accounts. Outstanding debts related to Medicaid, Home Mortgages, financial institutions and other creditors must be resolved prior to distributing proceeds to heirs. The DFW Probate team has significant expertise negotiating with creditors to maximize proceeds that are due to heirs and beneficiaries.

When required IRS Taxes must be filed on behalf of the decedent. The personal representative is required to file these taxes prior to distribution of proceeds to the family, heirs and beneficiaries.

All remaining assets are distributed to family or liquidated, and assets are provided to Heirs, Beneficiaries and family members.

The DFW Probate Team provides a single solution for direct access to all expertise required to maximize the distribution of your loved one’s estate to the rightful heirs, beneficiaries and family members.







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